The DONGHEE wordmark is an intensive visual representation
of DONGHEE’s corporate image and the core element of DONGHEE’s identity.

CI Introduction

DONG(The Vehicle of Korea) & HEE(Hybrid, Electronics, and Energy)
'DONG' is a short form of Dongbang(東邦), which means ‘eastern country,’ i.e.,- Korea, and theshape comes from the wheel of an automobile. Combined, ‘DONG’ represents ‘the vehicle of Korea.’ ‘HEE’ is an abbreviation of three strategies pursued by the Korean automobile industry, namely hybrid, electronics, and energy(fuel cell). As a whole, DONGHEE’s CI carries the message of being your guide to the world of the future automobile industry.

Color System

  • DONGHEE blue on white background
  • White on DONGHEE blue background
  • Black on white background
  • DONGHEE blue on gold background
  • DONGHEE blue on silver background
  • White on black background

Symbol Mark

DONGHEE's symbol mark is derived from the letters of the company name, and uses bright blue as the primary color to symbolize a bright future.

Symbol Mark Colors

  • #005bacCMYK 100 60 0 0
  • #e60012CMYK 0 100 100 0
  • #898989CMYK 0 0 0 60