Eco-Friendly Component

Eco-Friendly Component
'Within the eco-friendly car market, DONGHEE developed EV battery cases (currently in production) DONGHEE is also working on a hydrogen storage system, which is a core component in FCEV production, to emerge as a leader in the future automobile industry.
  • Battery Pack Case
    DONGHEE’s eco-friendly battery pack case gives your EV battery full protection from external moisture and impact, and is closed in an upper and lower case.
  • Battery Pack Case (Truck)
    The truck battery case comes with a lower case, functioning as a mounting cover to protect EV battery from external moisture and impact.
  • Hydrogen Storage Module System
    The hydrogen storage module system is a culmination of the electricity generation technologies that brings a chemical reaction between oxygen and compressed hydrogen. DONGHEE’s hydrogen tank module stores and supplies hydrogen gas to FECV, provides fast charging, and emits no harmful exhaust gases.