ITOPS Automotive Inc. is a manufacturer and supplier of high-quality and smart automotive parts. We take pride in contributing to a safe and convenient automobile environment as well as social development.
  • Pyrotechnic Actuator
    Pyrotechnic actuator raises the rear hood to reduce the head injury of a pedestrian when impacted by a car. The product allows for a space of 150mm maximum stroke and contributes to light-weighting and miniaturization of the lifting system.
  • Sensor & ECU
    Sensor & ECU activate actuator in case of a collision between vehicle and pedestrian, by detecting collision and analyzing signals.
  • Shift By Wire (SBW) Unlock Switch
    SBW unlock switch is a non-contact optical sensor switch that sends a lever unlock signal to SBW ECU when the driver chooses between P, R, N, and D gears.
  • Electronic Control Unit
    Power seat controller Power door latch controller
    Combines image information (amplitude) and distance information Secures 3D information to realize accurate object recognition Recognizes gestures, objects, and barriers (from outside),
    and the number and posture of passengers (inside a vehicle)
  • APS (Anti Pinch Sensor)
    Detects pinching during the closing of a tail gate, sliding door
    or sunroof
    Protects users and prevent object damage
  • EV Charging Actuator
    Prevents dislocation of EV charger Equipped with water-proof structure and emergency
    release function
  • SPW(Safety Power Window) ECU
    Enables and disables automatic up/down feature Stops the window immediately to ensure safety
    if there is an obstacle between the window and the frame