Mission Statement

Basic Statement

Realize the highest quality value
for customer satisfaction
Become the global leader
of the auto parts industry
Work passionately to
realize business prosperity and
a new future

Business Statement

  • 아이콘
    Become a company for customers to engage in business with confidence
  • 아이콘
    Create a product for customers to use with confidence
  • 아이콘
    Create a workplace for employees to work with confidence

Information Security Management Policy

For business continuity and trust-building in internal and external relations, in recognition of information security as
an essential element of business management, DONGHEE Group commits to the implementation of the following principles:

Asset Protection
All personnel handling corporate information are responsible for compliance with security policies and standards, and active protection of data.
Training and Audit
Through continuous education and promotion, DONGHEE actively strives to enhance the security awareness of executives and employees and establish a security culture of voluntary participation.
Security Compliance Program
DONGHEE complies with the security requirements under the relevant laws, regulations, and contracts.
Better Security
DONGHEE commits to continuous maintenance and improvement of its Information Protection Management System (ISO/IEC 27001:2013).