R&D History


Securing global system technologies

2011 ~ Present

Dec. 2019
Developed front subframe using composite materials
Nov. 2018
Developed magnesium die-casting front member
Dec. 2017
Developed BPA through CFRP injection molding process
Nov. 2017
Developed AL panel press type for the rear subframe
Sep. 2016
Developed 80K-class cold drawn tubular beam CTBA
Apr. 2015
Developed U-beam CTBA through TRB process
May 2012
Developed aluminum frame through high vacuum die casting process
Jan. 2012
Received HMC/KMC 5STAR certification Award
Nov. 2011
Developed FB780 lower arm made of high-tensile strength steel plate

Responding to customer approved-drawing requests and developing new technologies

2002 ~ 2010

Jun. 2010
Developed plug-in hybrid fuel tank & system
Nov. 2009
Developed high-safety & light-weighted fuel tank made of coated steel plate
Jul. 2008
Received the MOST Engineering Award
Mar. 2007
Developed CTBA through hot press forming process
Dec. 2006
Developed PCS lower arm made of aluminum composite-shaped subframe through hot air forming process
Nov. 2006
Developed brake pedal crash safety device (CM)
June 2006
Developed organ-type pedal
May. 2005
Completed construction of Technology R&D Center
Mar. 2003
Received the Gold Prize at the KAMA New Product Development Award

Developing technologies at the new R&D Center

1991 ~ 2001

Sep. 2001
Achieved localization of adjustable pedal (for HMC Santafe)
Jan. 2001
Received the grand prize at the HMC-KMC Electronic Pedal Technology Award
Apr. 2000
Developed electronic pedal and non-contacting position sensor
Nov. 1999
Developed multi-link suspension evaluation technology
Jul. 1998
Developed subframe cross member (for HMC EF Sonata)
Nov. 1997
Developed hydroforming subframe
Jul. 1991
Established Central R&D Center