• Front Cross Member
    The front cross member is attached to the vehicle body beneath the engine and between the front tires, and uses its strength and structure to reduce the impact, vibration, and noise transmitted through the tire when driving, and maintain the stability of the vehicle body. DONGHEE's front cross member delivers an optimal driving experience.
  • Front Lower Arm
    The front lower arm makes use of rubber bush and a ball joint structure to reduce impact, vibration, and noise from the tires when driving, and maintain the stability of the vehicle body. DONGHEE's front lower arm enables the driver with optimal ride experience.
  • Rear Cross Member
    The rear cross member is mounted at the rear body to enhance body stiffness and ride comfort. By securing and supporting functional parts, the rear cross member maintains stiffness against the road surface for braking, driving, and turning forces.
  • Coupled Torsion Beam Axle (CTBA)
    As a type of torsion-beam axle suspension, CTBA twists to restrain vehicle roll in support of the chassis parts and the left, front, upper, and lower forces coming through the tires while driving, to prevent abnormal movement of the tires.
    In the form of a spring and shock absorber combined into one, the device absorbs shock from the road surface blocking the shock from beingtransmitted to the vehicle body or the passengers. The vehicle height and center of gravity can be adjusted as needed when driving and a control system reduces the vibration of the vehicle bodyaccording to changes in the road surface. These features provide the customers with a comfortable ride. Widely used in large cars, tuning cars, and railroad cars such as low-floor buses and long-distance tour/highway buses.